July 14, 2010

Audrina Patridge for Bongo

Here are some photos of Audrina Patridge and her ad for Bongo. It’s available at Kmart in isle 6. You call it “cheap” but Audrina and I call it “affordable”. Common, you know I'm team Audrina. Audrina’s “One True Love” show is currently in the works now that The Hills has ended. Not that over the last 6 seasons of The Hills it hasn’t just been an extended The Bachelorette show with her and Justin Bobby... But anyways, it will probably consist of more fake drama and fake lunches and will I watch it? Yeah probably.

Because what else am I going to watch other than The City? MTV's Downtown Girls? A show about ugly girls in Manhattan with average household income while one of them is trying to be the real life “Carrie Bradshaw”? The filming is so bad that the episodes look like they are put together by a high school film class. The girls are so TV fugly that it makes Lo “Flounder Fish” Bosworth look like Goddess Venus. Look, if I want to watch random everyday girls with everyday jobs I'll go hang out with my girlfriends thank you.