July 5, 2010

Canada Day 2010

Hope everyone had a great Canada Day and 4th of July! Now if you live in BC or Ontario, happy Canada Day and happy HST tax! From this month forward gas and other enjoyable things in life will be even more expensive. But on the bright side, you will have to enjoy them a little bit more now that you have to pay more for them. Isn’t that fanfreakingtastic!?!

Anyways, I will be back in full force tomorrow. Meanwhile, enjoy these pictures of Canada Day in Ottawa and Barenaked Ladies performing in Parliament Hill. Yeah, I’m wearing the same shirt as Canada Day last year, and Yeah, you’d think paying more tax would get you something better than a 90's band that didn’t even perform their no.1 hit “One Week” here at the Nation’s capital but *shrugs* we’re too busy being peaceful to other countries to care about our own celebration and the Barenaked Ladies were actually pretty entertaining after a beer or two.