July 21, 2010

Lindsay Lohan is Complex

So Lindsay Lohan was admitted to jail yesterday. But she will only be there for 14 days instead of the original 90 days due to overcrowding. if I had known that it is possible to have multiple DUIs and get caught with possession numerous times and only serving 14 days I would have quit school and become an aspiring actress (with reality TV star as plan B) a long time ago. Even Lindsay's jail dinner of Turkey Tetrazzini sounds better than my mac and cheese with a can of tuna for the past week. What can I say, marble cheese blocks were on sale for $4.99...

Anyways to celebrate Lindsay here are some shots of her in Complex magazine. Yeah… She looks better here than in her mug shot, but the whole orange dotty cocaine skin that looks like the work of a dot matrix printer still doesn't do much for me unless I need a canvas to play connect the dots with my little cousin. Then it might come in handy.

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