July 1, 2010

Mischa Barton is Blonde and Homeless Looking

Okay so I know Mischa Barton’s show got canned and she sometimes can’t afford to pay her grocery bills but does this really mean that she has to dress like a hobo? Perhaps Mischa finally got through the “denial” stage and accepted the fact that she can’t hold a steady pay cheque. But heck, you can even find some nicer things at a local thrift store than the shirt she is wearing.

This one time I saw a woman trying on a $40 wedding dress at Value Village and she got pretty emotional over it, like started waving her arms and getting happy teary and stuff. Now, why can’t Mischa wear a soiled wedding dress instead of something like this down the streets of New York? If you’re going to look homeless you might as well do the crazy homeless thing. You’ll probably get more change that way. No?

Anyways I want to wish all the Canadians a Happy Canada Day! I am now on vacation time, and will soon be intoxicated in front of parliament hill here in nation's capital b*tching at Stephen Harper about the new HST tax among with my other incoherent babbles. So see you all next week!