July 26, 2010

Paris Hilton Doing a Boobs Check

There are a few things I try to not blog about on Pop Champagne hoping that it’d go away such as Miley Cyrus and Tila Tequila which I failed miserably. A month ago I put the “not blog” check mark on Amanda Bynes’ retirement announcement as an actress and it was a good thing since she just announced her unretirement on Twitter this weekend. Geeze. Even grizzly bears hibernate longer in winter.

Anyways, to celebrate Amanda Bynes and her none-existing acting career here are some pictures of Paris Hilton doing a boob squeeze to check that her boobs haven’t become none-existing. It’s understandable as sometimes her boobs seem huge and other times they are MIA. I'd do the same if I got flaky Paris boobs too.