July 12, 2010

Patrick Mohr Spring/Summer 2011: Bald and ill is in

For the spring/summer 2011 collection, Patrick Mohr made his fashion show into something between the spoon bending kid in "The Matrix" and scary alien in a M Knight Shyamalan movie?! Why on earth would you make hot supermodels look like people who suffer from leukemia?

We get it, the “artistically creative” concept (or the rest of us calls it “WTF”) is to compensate the kind-of-dull orangey clothes. But unless someone fetish about terminally ill people, who would look at this runway collection and have the urge to buy these clothes?!

Sometimes I just don't get art. Like this piece by Max Ernist I saw at the National Art Gallery that consist of a dead stuffed horse lying down in the middle of an empty room, or the 1.8 million dollar painting called “Voice of Fire” which is just a red stripe down a blue canvas. Call me ill-educated but I definitely got more satisfaction watching this street performer down the street from the gallery shoving a 1.5 foot long balloon down his throat and I only had to pay him $5.

Pictures from Getty Images