July 19, 2010

Taylor Momsen Rock and Rolls with her Hooker Heels at Vans Warped Tour

Today I’m feeling like death. Kind of how Taylor Momsen looks everyday and none of that “pathetic bubble gum Miley Cyrus sh*t” she chews and spits out after she smokes her daily fag. That’s how rock and roll she is. I’m feeling like death probably because of the 3 Costco hot dogs I ate in a row, or sat in a movie theatre that smelled like wet dog watching The Inception (which was a fantastic movie and I highly recommend it).

Anyways, not as hardcore as Taylor Momsen at the Vans Warped Tour in the pictures below but if I rub a lump of coal on my eyes maybe I will also feel the hardcore-ness too. By tomorrow I will have an Emily The Strange lunchbox and a Courtney Love shine in my cubicle. And if you piss me off I'll put you in the effing rose gard... (ohh Mel Gibson I can't get you out of my head!). But for now please excuse my lack of replies and I’ll be back tomorrow!