July 15, 2010

Topshop Fall 2010 Lookbook

Topshop fall 2010 lookbook just came out. Topshop has some trendy and affordable stuff that's for sure, and if they’re only more available in Canada that would be amazing. I do love the layering on these outfits, though I’m not sure about the make up on the models, the dark lip stick look like they were slurping up British Petroleum’s oil spill in the gulf.

And I know the models were going for the fierce look, but maybe be slightly happier? Cuz they got the look as if the photographer gave pep talks like “Can you ladies give me Mel Gibson’s ‘I will put you in a f*cking rose garden’ look? Great… *click click*, Now give me the Mel Gibson's ‘I’ll burn the goddamn house up’ look …*click click click* Beautful!”