August 19, 2010

Jennifer Garner looks like a young Steven Tyler

Jennifer Garner was taking her daughter for a walk which I don't care about but doesn't she remind you of Steven Tyler from Aerosmith? I think this is what Jennifer will look like in 20 years. Or if Steven Tyler pull a Madonna by getting some surgery for his wrinkles, sacrifice some newborn lambs and drink their blood I’m sure he can pull off looking like Jennifer Garner. Ben Affleck likes hanging out with pretty guys such as Leonardo DiCaprio and Matt Damon so it makes sense that Ben married a chick who looks like a pretty dude.

As for Steven Tyler, rumor has it that he will be a judge on American Idol. I’m a fan of Aerosmith so I think it’ll be entertaining. Even if you’re not a fan of Aerosmith, it’s always fun to watch train wrecks who treat prescription drugs like an all you can eat Chinese buffet. Mmm hagao, sumai and chicken balls.

Images from Fame