August 14, 2010

Jennifer Love Hewitt is not a hot school girl

There was a time when every guy wished to date Jennifer Love Hewitt and every girl idolized her. But it was also when we wore Adidas tracksuits to school, have Backstreet Boys on repeat and take magazine quizzes on whether that prepubescent boy likes you. It's weird, I never got a bf even though I always scored “He loves you!”. Then again, I always circled the answers to what I thought would score the most points so that might explain what happened... And my psychoticness.... And why the guys I liked stayed far far away...

So in our defense, we really weren’t thinking that clearly in those days, especially on Jennifer Love Hewitt. Because her show Ghost Whisperer got canned and the only role she can get is guest star on Law and Order: Special Victims Unit. Honestly, I’ve never seen a celebrity so unsexy in a school girl costume. From the look of it, I am guessing the plot is about a 40 year old catholic school student who got held back too many times and then gets raped? At least it’s a step up from her Minnie Mouse Birthday suit.