August 25, 2010

Katy Perry on David Letterman

Katy Perry is looking pretty pleased yesterday at The Late Night Show with David Letterman as her just released album yesterday “Teenage Dream” sales are going through the roof… I find it very hard that it was her voice that contributes to the success so I’m going to say that it is probably the scratch and sniff cotton candy smell from the CD that did the trick.

I personally don’t find Katy Perry a good looking girl but I do know tons of people, particularly guys, that do. Probably due to her big hipster knockers and her wearing latex on stage. But here in a normal adult outfit with none blue hair, Katy actually looks quite decent and even, attractive. See what happens when you wear proper clothing? You go from a weirdo latex chick into a refined lady. If I was a dude, I would definitely take her home to meet the parents after I splurge on our date in Swiss Chalet.

Stay tuned for the “Teenage Dream” album review on Pop Champagne coming up!

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