August 17, 2010

Le Midi by Amber Watkins at Lobby Nightclub

The word “Luxe” pretty much summed up the Ottawa based designer Amber Watkins’ latest swimwear collection, Le Midi, which was showcased at Lobby Nightclub over the weekend.

Le Midi was inspired by lavish vacation spots in the south of France. When Amber was designing the line, she imagined this collection to be worn boutique shopping in St. Tropez or tanning on a yacht while sipping wine with a handsome, dark hair French guy. Okay, I made up the “handsome French guy” part. But from watching the show I definitely imagined myself wearing one of those pieces on a yacht and with a foreign hunk.

The materials used for the collection oozed luxury through their rich textures and sumptuous fabrics. Each look was carefully put together from the model’s hair style down to the smallest accessory that was worn. There is no doubt that these pieces will make heads turn when you wear them out.

Here are some backstage photos of the models getting ready. Hair done by Hair Junkie located on 200 Laurier Avenue West.

And of course, some other photos throughout the night. Everyone had a great time.