August 3, 2010

Mac Rodarte and it's Controversy

If you’re a MAC fan, you’ve most likely heard of their Rodarte Mexican themed collection which is being launched in mid September of 2010. The collection contains ghostly hues and they are named after cities in Mexico such as “Bordertown”, “Juarez”, “Ghost Town” and “Factory”.

Unfortunately, this collection made a lot of women want to bury MAC in a rose garden as Juraez is known for the disappearance of women from being raped and murdered while the police does little. Some women are as young as 12 years old and a lot of cases remain unsolved till this day. This problem is well known that there is a movie called “Bordertown” starring JLo about a journalist investigate murders on the border of Jurez and El Paso.

After much complaint, MAC released a statement last week that they will change their product names, and donate $100,000 to organizations to help women in Juarez.

Well, either MAC research and marketing team gets all their information from carrier pigeons or the team is runned by a bunch of cats high on Friskies in Adventure Land. Cuz you might as well replace all of Abba’s songs in Mama Mia with Mel Gibson’s recordings and it might offend less people. Hopefully someone also told them why people in Ghana don’t go fine dining or why people in Haiti don’t go back to their homes instead of loitering on the streets all day.