August 16, 2010

Rachel Zoe's "I Die" in Harper Bazaar

In the latest Harper Bazaar magazine, Rachel Zoe is looking as shiny and brown as the glazed Thanksgiving turkey that has been in the oven for over 4 hours along with some of the A-list designers such as Marc Jacobs, Michael Kors, Brian Atwood, Francisco Costa and Vera Wang.

The shoot is called “I Die” and it portrays different ways a designer would kill Rachel Zoe. The idea of it is neat. Marc Jacobs- yum and always doable but let’s ignore my useless crush and focus on why Vera Wang is posing like someone offering to do my palm readings for $5 in Chinatown… And how stereotypical it is to give her the poison scene. What’s with poisoning being the typical female crime anyways? Most of us may not have the strength to use a chainsaw properly but we can very well throw a toaster in the bathtub.