August 24, 2010

Sirens Fashion Show at Mansion Night Club

If you ever get hung up on what to wear to school with your Edward Cullen backpack or if your weekend consists of tequila shots and blurry vision then Sirens is where to shop. Sirens, similar to Charlotte Russe in US, got clothes for all range of women, whether you’re not yet legal or if you’re a rotting cougar prowling in bars of Vanier. It is a place when you need something affordable and trendy for a night out.

I had the pleasure of meeting Charlene, the store manager in Rideau Mall at the Sirens fashion show in Mansion Night Club over the weekend. She mentioned that some of the models were girls who work at the store; I thought that it was a cute idea.

So here are some pictures from the show, the magical ingredients for these photos? A few crown and cokes and some stink eyes- maybe I should look more like pedobear with a camera next time.

... And here are some backstage photos.