August 26, 2010

Victoria's Secret Grand Opening in Toronto

It was quite an exicting day in T Dot yesterday as Adriana Lima, one of the hottest MILF ever, hosted the grand opening of the new Victoria’s Secret store in Toronto along with hotties Erin Heatherton and Chanel Iman. Adriana was here in Canada! And I have a Victoria’s Secret store near me! Being a Canadian I was quite excited to see these pictures.

As you can see, we really don’t get as much action compare to the US. Either that or I’m like a kitten that gets excited over small colorful things. Currently my day consists of sitting in front of a computer and the biggest drama in my life is that there’s a new woman with an annoying voice at work and when she walks she thumps like a freaking horse and she also make middle age males here all twitchy and babbley (she needs to be put on Ramadan I say). So of course I got all excited when I see pretty girls holding colorful underwear…