September 24, 2010

Cosmetics Gala at The Bay in Rideau Mall

Finally, pictures from the Cosmetics Gala at The Bay in Rideau Mall! The occasional was special for all sorts of reasons. There were music, models, catering, and even a professional photo booth to have your picture taken after a make over. The best part was that most cosmetics counter had incentives.

Due to the incentives, I scored myself the Dior snow moisturizer, the Shiseido White Lucent moisturizing cream and some other Clinique products while getting a bunch of free samples and swag bags for those brands. Why buy them at other times when you can get freebies with your purchase?

Unlike other major cosmetics retailers, the good part about buying cosmetics from The Bay is that the ladies behind the counter know the products well. Each counter has their own specialists that promote and sell the line, so you can always find the answers you need and they can recommend the most suitable product according to your skin type. It was great seeing Justyna again as well as hang out with other bloggers such as Kara and Loukia.