September 27, 2010

JWoww Classes It Up

Here is Jwoww aka Jenni Farley from Jersey Shore dressing up for some promotion at a nightclub event. Incase you don’t know, JWoww is the one with huge knockers and will show off all of her oven roasted chicken skin in Playboy for $400,000.

I know I know, most of us are looking at these photos thinking “wow, this is her dressing up?” but if you watch Jersey Shore, you will know that yes, this is her dressing up. In fact, this is almost her Sunday best. And I won’t lie that I watched the whole first season on Rogers on Demand in a span of a week and I find PaulyD kind of hot...

Jwoww knows that everything is a bonus when you keep the expectations low. Kind of like a bad boyfriend who never returns your calls and texts and when he actually does you get all excited like a kid petting a pony, and then pulls some “oh, how I’ve missed you” crap if he thinks you’ve found a new dude. And just because, here are some more pictures of JWoww radiating with her orange glow: