September 7, 2010

Kelly Osbourne Looks Different

So Kelly Osbourne lost a bunch of weight on Dancing With the Stars and has been eating healthy, going to the gym yadda yadda yadda to keep her weight off. So here is her flaunting her body in a disco dress the other night along with a picture of her sucking a fag over twitter.

Well, good for Kelly. She sure looks thin everywhere…. Except her head which stayed the same size as when she was not as thin. If Kelly shaves off her head I’m sure she would look like the alien from Mars Attack. But I should stop making fun of her as I can’t really think of any exercises people with bowling ball sized heads can do. So she will just have to continue to walk around like a human sized bobble head for now, or a delicious caramel apple… mmm.

Images from Splash