September 21, 2010

Lindsay Lohan for Vanity Fair

Lindsay Lohan may have failed two of her random drug test after barely getting out of rehab and might be going broke and might be going back to jail… But it doesn’t stop her from looking nice in Vanity Fair. One thing she does right is taking pictures. She always seem to look so good in pictures.

So to sum up, Lindsay went to jail for coke, took some ambien before having chicken tetrazzini with pieces of spam. Then when she woke up from the ambien coma and she starred at a wall and forgot everything so does it all again. After she got out of jail, she did coke again, and now possibly going back to jail, and ambien & chicken tetrazzini here it goes once more. It's like a crackhead's version of Inception but damnnn she looks great in photos!