September 29, 2010

Lookbook: Love of Thigh-High Boots

This is one of the outfits I wore last week. Due to other must-do posts it got bumped until now. Lately I’ve been a fan of thigh-high boots, I think that it’s quite sexy when worn with the right jacket or a slouchy cardigan. My legs were kept warm even though I had shorts on, not to mention I got multiple compliments when I went out to brunch (obviously took off the hat) with my boots and got a couple of up-downs.

The hat, I admit, was just for the photos. Kind of redundant. But again, a lot of things in life is redundant, like eating breakfest after you brush your teeth, dating someone you know won't last from the start, or making your bed every morning right before you leave for work knowing you will mess it up again at the end of the day. It just happens.

Cardigan: Forever 21
Shorts: Abercrombie & Fitch
Belt: Mexx
Suade Boots: Forever 21