September 20, 2010

Lookbook: Thank you, wherever you are!

This is more of a thank you post than anything else. It's my early Thanksgiving post, or my remix to Alanis Morsette's "thank you India" song. But replace "India" with wherever YOU are :)

I'm happy to share with you that my blog and I (I know, I'm addressing my blog like it's my bf or something) got published at Ottawa Citizen Style Magazine! It's a local magazine put out by Citizen newspaper. Special thanks to Justyna and Style Magazine for making it happen.

I also want to thank those that support Pop Champagne. This blog has really changed my life since I started. And I have no plans on stop blogging anytime soon, unless I get booed off like a crappy stand up comedian with a few vegetables thrown my way. Which luckily is a lot harder to do over the Internet. Anyways, thanks for your follows, comments, e mails etc etc. From the bottom of my heart, Thanks a bunch!!

Here are some other pictures that we took at the art gallery before the magazine shoot. I was paying an arm and a leg for parking anyways, so might as well make use of the location for my own pictures too.

Cardigan: Vero Moda from The Bay
Jeggings: Lucky Jeans

Shoes: Nine West