September 8, 2010

Makeover with Taaz

If you are looking to get a new haircut, ever wondered what you look like as a dyke or just looking to kill time, go visit Taaz can transform the regular you into a lesbian prison guard or a hooker from the 18th century (aka me with Taylor Swift’s hairdo) in less than 10 minutes. How splendid.

Can't go wrong with some Carrie Underwood hairdo and a chola brow

Unlike other makeover sites, Taaz is free and consists varity of hairstyles to choose from. Not only can you transform your hair, but you can also get little touch ups such as get a chola baby mama eyebrow to look badass on your next McDonalds date. Your boyfriend will be so smitten by your new look that he may even buy you something not on the value menu.

The only downside about Taaz only consists of women’s hairstyles. But that doesn’t mean you can’t give your guy an aerobic instructor drag queen look or a member in a Village People tribute band. Just add some glitter to their outfit and tell them to suck in their chubby cheeks and your guy will look as magical as a pink unicorn in Narnia, or Adam Lambert on his CD cover.

1. Orig taken from Blackberry; 2. Dirty Hippie; 3. Rocky Horror Julia Roberts
4. Lesbian Prison Guard (KStew inspired); 5. 17th century prostitute; 6. Trampy granny