September 9, 2010

Product Review: Body Shop Vitamin E Cream

The Claim

From the Body Shop website, the Vitamin E Moisture Day Cream & Nourishing Night Cream contains antioxidant that moisturizes the skin and help with skin aging. The day cream contains sorbitol and lanolin that help protect the skin and the nourishing night cream contains coca butter to help soften the skin and restore the suppleness. Body Shop claims that these two are some of their best sellers.

The Price

The regular price for the Vitamin E Moisture Day Cream is $16 and the Nourishing Night cream is $18. Sometimes you can get them on a discount.

Body Shop’s return policy is fantastic. You can return any used product within 30 days provided that you have the receipt if you don’t like it regardless to whether it has been opened or used.

How it Feels

I have oily/combination skin and I have to say that these two products do nothing other than make my face feel like a giant grease ball. With the mixture of the humidity and heat outside, having the cream on is probably equivalent of getting splashed in the face by a bucket of gasoline.

I felt like I took my face for a swim at the Michigan oil spill by the end of the day. I eventually returned both moisturizers.

The Final Words

I would not recommend this product if you have oily/combination skin. Unless you would like to feel like a piece of hair follicle on Robert Pattinson’s greasy head, it might be best to stay away from these cream.

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