September 2, 2010

Something New and Blue for Tiffany & Co- Introducing Tiffany Handbags

Next time your boyfriend buys you Tiffany, tell him that you don’t want it in the little turquoise box anymore, you want it in a matching Tiffany handbag.

As of September 1st, Tiffany has launched its handbag collection in selected stores in US. The collection varies from clutches to satchels. As Wall Street Journal reports, Prices for women’s handbags start at $395 for a small tote and goes all the way up to $17,500 for a crocodile handbag.

It makes sense for Tiffany to explore into handbags to compete with brands such as Hermes. The designs look pretty colorful and eye catching. Many pieces come in the familiar turquoise and some even with jewels on them.

According to the designers Richard Lambertson and John Truex , the goal for these bags is for people to instantly associate them with Tiffany jewelry. But they know that handbags have a shorter shelf life than jewelries so they try to keep the designs classy and restricted. As Mr Truez says: "What would not be Tiffany is a bag that is too avant-garde or extreme, or too hard-edged and not feminine enough."

I have a few Tiffany necklaces and might consider spending a few hundred on a Tiffany clutch but spending $17,500 for a may-be-a-future-classic bag?!? If I have that much disposable cash, I’d rather get some other better known classics such as the Hermes Birkin or the Chanel 2.55 and still have money left over to roll & light a joint with a few $100 bills and get a pet chimp and dress him up as a butler walking around my house. That seems more fun anyways.

So Tiffany lovers, would you consider getting something from their handbag collection? Or would you stick to their jewelry?