September 1, 2010

Toxik Retail Fashion Show at Mansion Night Club

Toxik clothing store in Bayshore Mall recently hosted an event at Mansion Night Club to feature some of their fall items.

I know quite a few girls that would like these clothes but I guess this isn’t really my type. Perhaps it comes with age. If I was still in school I would probably wear a velvet suit with “Juicy” plastered on my ass. But the only thing I would have plastered on my ass now is maybe one of those male models, whatever that means.

Though one thing certain. Toxik got some great jean brands such as True Religion and Rock & Republic and they also carry trendy attire brands such as Diesel, Juicy Couture, Lucky 7 and Lady Dutch. It’s a good alternative us Ottawa people with no Bloomingdale or Nordstrom around. So if you need clubbing outfits to pick up some gorillas then Toxik has just the attire you need. Just add some GLT- Gym, Laundry, and Tanning and you’re all set for the night.

Here are some other pictures from the event. It's nice to see familiar faces and going backstage taking pictures of shirtless male models. I'm not gonna lie.