October 18, 2010

Avril Lavigne is Angry and does Maxim

Here is Avril Lavigne still trying to be a badass in Maxim. I am so used to seeing Avril Lavigne dress like a 7 year old kid with special needs with her “SK8TOR GURLZ ROCK” campaign that I kind of felt perverted looking at these pictures, even though she's like 25 now.

So as you can see, Avril still act like an angry school girl ready to throw a tantrum if mommy forget to put a Fruit Roll-Ups in her lunchbox and meanwhile she is doing the nasties with Brody Jenner in real life, who is everything opposite of a dirty skater boy she sings about. She’s so angry with her Abbey Dawn backpack and black eyeliner that she has a “F*CK” tattoo on her rib. But really, f*ck what? Her rib? The tattoo should have been next to her va-jay-jay or whatever hole she prefers, that would at least serve a clarification purpose.