October 6, 2010

Kate Bosworth with her Jewelry Club "Jewelmint"

Kate Bosworth isn’t exactly a popular or well known actress. So it is not surprising that she has time to create an accessories line, Jewelmint. Jewelmint is the result of Kate’s collaboration with her stylist Cher Coulter. Jewelmint. If someone had asked me what “Jewelmint” was yesterday, I would have answered with possibly a Tic Tac flavor or those urinal pucks in the men’s bathroom.

Jewelmint is a monthly jewelry club where you pay $29.99/mo and either you or ‘they’ (as in Kate and Cher) will ‘hand pick’ a piece of jewelry for you every month. You can skip a month if you don't see anything you like. This sound like a great idea, until you browse the collection and see that a lot of their jewelry look like something from Indiana Jones and The Temple of Doom. Not in a bad way... When I was in Kindergarten I used to prance around the house with a multi colored shaw pretending to be an Aztec princess until one day my mom gave the shaw away without telling me. That was when I learned to hide my valuable things, which turns out to be a valuable life lesson. But I remember it being fun to dress like that.

One thing for sure, we can be certain that Kate picked it for you. If it was some other celebrity such as Beyonce promising to hand pick items from her House of Dereon, I would say that they probably got some Mexican cock clucking at the keyboard selecting your order behind the computer. But this is Kate Bosworth. Looking at her recent IMDB credits I’m sure she has a lot more free time on her hands…