October 26, 2010

Kayne West's 35 Minutes of "WTF" Short Film

I got high on the weekend. not really. But by the time I finished watching this 35 minutes Kayne film called “Runaway”, I felt like I was high and got the munchies.

The film consists Selita Ebanks as a nakkid phoenix following Kayne around who eventually burns into flames from Kayne's head of hot air or something. It looks like a low budget film produced by a group of community college media students for their final project. You know, the ones that think the government is evil and that they're so worldly because they've seen Eat Pray Love and eat California rolls and raid through trash cans behind bakery stores for stale bagels during after hours.

Sure, there are far more productive things I could have done in 35 minutes like get rid of the dog crap on my lawn (I'm hoping the rain will eventually dissolve it) or watch the dryer tumble my clothes. But it’s not all that bad. I'd still much rather watch this WTF on repeat than work for the station with this backstabbing bossy chick with a face that looks like a severe yeast infection. I swear, hearing Ms.YeastyBubble’s life is like live streaming the epitome of WTF that even Kayne and his phoenix lover can't outdo.

So incase you got 35 minutes to kill or you want to get high but too cheap to buy the sh*t, here is the video for your entertainment.