October 27, 2010

Lilac Lingerie Grand Opening in Westboro, Ottawa

If you love sleek and exotic lingerie than Lilac Lingerie located in Westboro is just for you. Lilac owner Emilia recently hosted a grand opening party for Lilac Lingerie Boutique on 307B Richmond Road. Guests were serenaded by the lovely catering and champagne, live mural artist as well as a on-site photo shoot for their lingerie model. The wall was filled with colorful one-of-a-kind lingerie for all different body types with luxurious fabric.

It was a great get together for the ladies of Ottawa as we enjoyed the music, h’orderves and the chocolate martinis. I had a chance to mingle with some wonderful local store owners as well as other bloggers. It was a shame that I didn't take more pictures, who knew a glass of champagne and martini would turn my face into a giant tomato. Okay, so I was a bit tipsy. But sober enough to know that it’s not a good idea to operate a $600 camera when I am not 100% competent. Props also go out to the model for the live photo shoot. Sure, she was ridiculously good looking but it takes courage to pose in front of so many strangers in lingerie!

Special thanks to Danielle, Emilia, Camille and for the wonderful event. Shout out to Yelena for doing the model's makeup. Be sure to also visit Lilac lingerie's blog at http://www.lilaclingerie.ca/blog.