October 8, 2010

Lookbook: Entertaining a Cow

It’s Friday before the long weekend so this is going to be a slack post. Just enjoy the cow in the pictures below. The cow was friendly but smelly. It stood by us the entire time we were taking pictures (maybe her past life was a model?) but it also kept eating my cardigan frills. So maybe she was just hungry and bored in general. I know when I get bored I get hungry...

So I’m off to Toronto this afternoon and won’t be back until next Wednesday. This means that comments and posts will be lacking a little. Meanwhile, check out my friend Lisa from Solo Lisa’s Marc Jacobs bangle giveaway. Aren’t they the cutest?!

I also want to wish my friends at Demu Label good luck on their fall show tonight in Mansion Night Club. Here’s me with a Demu tank in the picture cheering you guys on since I can’t be there in person. If you like Demu, check out their fabulous 50% off sale tomorrow only (Oct 9th) in their showroom at 1427 Ogilvie Road from 12pm – 5pm. The sale happens on their website as well if you don’t live in the Ottawa area. Visit their blog for more details.

Have a safe and great Thanksgiving weekend, you hot Canadians!

Tank: Demu Label
Cardigan: Forever 21
Bracelet & Necklace: Guess