October 5, 2010

Madonna's D&G Ad- "Just A Regular Day"

Here are some more photos from Madonna’s D&G ad. It’s beginning to look more like an instructional manual on how to catch a young piece for a grandma. But don’t judge, grandmothers want to look like sex objects too. Don't you ever watch Jerry Springer?! And really, this is all just everyday routine for Madge. Let me break it down to you:

6:00am: Madge got herself a younger cat. No pun intended). It's for Madge to sacrifice and drink its blood as one of her beauty rituals.

11:00am: Madge’s grand son assists her home from morning church prayer and to bake an apple pie.

3:00pm: Madge poses beside an even older woman to clarify that she’s NOT an old hag.

5:00pm: Madge keeps the house clean for the youngen she will bring back later.

7:00pm: Madge’s puts on grand daughter’s make up and sex it up for the bingo game.

9:00pm: After the bingo game, Madge hits local bar to browse for a young piece.

11:00pm: Madge stands on a corner of a street, if the 9pm plan fails.