October 30, 2010

Ottawa Fashion Week 2010 Day 1

Fun colors and patterns were what described some of the designers’ collection at yesterday’s Ottawa Fashion Week event. Last night was the first day of the soiree and it ended with a big hit. Yours truly also had one of the best seats in the house- front row at the end of the runway. Perfect for picture taking! So enjoy.

Emilia Torabi
Compared to the black and earth colors of the stereotypical fall and winter wear, Emilia Torabi shows off some of the boldest and brightest prints which brightens up this wet and gloomy fall weather. The tailoring and the fine details of her suits make it so so chic and fun while reminding me the glamorous outfits on Mad Men.

Keera Sama

Montreal-based designer Keera Sama has a passion for belly dancing and it shows in her pieces. The pieces are 100% cotton with bold colors and fun prints. What I like most about Keera’s runway pieces is that they are feminine and completely wearable on a regular summer day.

Jada-Lee Watson of Nixxi brings the simplicity and laid back style from her hometown, the gulf islands of British Columbia, to the runway, with fine accessories from Bianca of Hartby. It makes me miss the days of playing hookie from school to tan on the beach back at home. Nixxi’s collection is something versatile in that it can be dressed up with a flirty skirt or a blazer or dressed down with a pair of jeans for a picnic in the park.

Here are some other pictures from the night. Special thanks to Ottawa Citizen for the picture of me on ottawacitizen.com. Shout out to Rania from Fashion Cures a la Mode, Wendy from Beyond Events and Andre Bergeron from art-photo.ca. Andre takes amazing runway pictures. Oh, I also threw in the butt shot from the male models of Trive by Modasuite. You’re welcome.