October 31, 2010

Ottawa Fashion Week 2010 Day 2

The second day of Fashion Week did not disappoint from casual weekend to glamours evening wear. There were outfits that make you want to snuggle in front of your couch and watch a movie to outfits that make you want to hit the town with your favourite heels and girlfriends. So some of the shows ended up running behind schedule, but it was all worth the wait! Besides, what is a fashion show without the shows being fashionably late?

Label Clothing
The first thing I thought about this collection is “lazy weekend”. The collection screams lounge and laid-back. The pieces are made of organic or recycled material as Shawna Robinson and Natalie Sydoruk are very conscious about ethical consumerism, which I am a fan of.

Flood and Robicheau
This collection is special as it is designed by Courtney Flood as well as Julianne Robicheau, one of the coordinators for Ottawa Fashion Week! The collection consists of pastel colors and floral prints with various summer dresses and rompers. The materials are light and breezy. This is something you can see yourself wearing on a summer vacation somewhere chic and warm.

Andrew Majtenyi
What I love most about Andrew’s line is that the entire collection is consistent from the colors to the styles. Every piece is elegant and fitting on the model. Andrew also stayed away from the bright colors and went with light earthy tones, in which caters to the majority of the public.

Judy Design
Judy’s collection is one of my favorite of the night. It’s all about the effortless grunge and boho look. The collection is very carefree and rebellious, yet cute and pretty at the same time. Oh and Judy’s choice of music- Nine Inch Nails and The Crystal Method, LOVE.

Rachel Sin
So I’m obsessed with Rachel’s dresses. Unfortunately I only have 3. No really, that is unfortunate, as her collection is so wearable to any formal event! Rachel loves to play with shapes and geometry in which make her designs very form fitting. The dresses are sexy from the front and the back with small details in the right places, making it unique yet timeless.

The show was running late so we had a lot of time mingling and taking pictures. Of course some of us (guilty!) went nuts over the official OFW backdrop. Shout out goes to XPress Mag and the beautiful Betsy and Leiana from Barret Palmer Models International Inc . It was also neat to see some of the OFW volunteers put on a little something-something to make their attires unique. By the way, doesn't Eric look like Taylor Lautner's long lost brother?


  1. The Flood and Robicheau collection reminds me of the Los Angeles summer weather, the colors are gorgeous.:D

    I hope you are having a wonderful Sunday and thanks for sharing these amazing pictures!:D

    ***** Marie *****

  2. Loved Judy Design, F&R and Rachel Sin!!! It was such a great show! Your dress is so cute.

  3. I'm commenting for both part 1 and 2 of your fashion week posts! Thanks for sharing them! My wardrobe is so lack of pattern or more festive outfits, therefore part 2 is pretty much my favorite, simple and more pastel colors! You are so lucky to be able to attend the shows! lol I actually thought of Taylor Lautner already when I saw that picture of you and your friend Eric before even reading about it!

    Have a festive day! (:

    Sanny's Head to Heart

  4. the fashion show looks so fun , i totally loved the clothing lines all of it..:) and as always u look amazing! great shots....:)

  5. awww man, that is so cool!!!! looking from your pics, u looked like u were frontrow woman. btw, did the show consist of different labels, but just one runway? coz i noticed the b/g didn't change....and i was thinking 'wow! the event rooms look exactly the same!'

  6. Julie-- you look great as usual! fashion shows looks so much fun!! i still haven't gotten to one yet. keep posting pics so i can experience from the comfort of my home...heehee

  7. you need to take me to one of those places one day ^__^ yeah? lol

  8. Love me some Rachel Sin! It was great to see you for the last couple of days. Though it was a busy busy last two nights, at least we were in close vicinity to each other!

    You looked beautiful - in all THREE nights!



  9. the red looks great on u and amazing photos :)

  10. I have just loved looking at all your fashion show pics! You look great too!!! I'm going to Zurich fashion days and kind of nervous about getting share worthy pics, haha :)

  11. It looks like you had a good time at OFW!

  12. Love the Maytenji one..great collection and I love the colors

  13. So, I didn't read the text at all and looked at the pictures 1st. I just about had a heart attack when I saw the 1st picture of you with Eric. My thought was "HOLY CRAP TAYLOR'S IN TOWN!?!?! MUST HUNT DOWN NOW" But then after closer inspection and taking the time to read, I realized it was not THE Launter. Well... Eric or whatever his name is, is quite hot anyway.

    Love that dress! Hot pink looks great on you :)