October 25, 2010

Taylor Momsen is Bored and Hardcore for Revolver Magazine

Taylor Momsen again proves that she is the baddest b*tch on the playground. Here is Taylor in Revolver Magazine looking like a starved albino raccoon in her Wet ‘n Wild with a bunch of weapons showing off Gaga. Meanwhile, somewhere there is an aspiring teenage slut looking at these and taking notes for her next profile picture on MySpace.

This really makes Miley Cyrus and her outfits look like something Dora the Explorer would wear. It also proves that no matter how slutty random girls at the bar say you are (THEY R ALL H8TERS NEWAYZ!), there will always be someone sluttier than you showing you off. So go ahead and be that slutty Disney Princess you always wanted to be for Halloween this year! And that, is my pep talk for you today- I was never good at inspirational speeches. Just wait until I have kids.