October 19, 2010

Texture Hair Salon 10th Anniversary Gala

Just because it is getting colder outside doesn’t mean less partying in Ottawa. Texture Hair Salon's 10th Anniversary Gala proves that by throwing am amazing gala at the War Museum on Friday night. The event included a fashion show from Holt Renfrew, Kenlan’s Closet and McCaffrey Haute Couture as well as various performances and a live auction from United Way. It was a great night for industry insiders, media personnel and a select group of people who were dressed in their best attire to have a get together.

Thanks to Sophie from Cuative & Co I had the privilege to take some wonderful pictures of the fashion show. Special thanks to my friends Jamie-Lee and Ashley as one minute we were media taking pictures of people in their beautiful attires, the next we were at a table drinking wine and oooh-ing over live auction items such as the crystal canter that looks like a bong and got outbidded on the Las Vegas getaway for two. Okay, so I was only willing to pay $800 for it while the auction started at $1,100- which ended at $2,700... oh well.

Below are some pictures of the show from Holt Renfrew and Kenlan’s Closet. It is clear that colors and layers are in for the season. Some of the trends include military, blazers, faux fur with assortments of grey and beige colors.

I definitely felt a warm and fuzzy feeling when McCaffrey Haute Couture came out with their beautiful wedding gowns with a live performance of Shania Twain’s “From this Moment”. As much as I joke that I would like to get eloped in Las Vegas by an Elvis priest, there is still something so magical about walking down a church isle with a beautiful wedding gown. It must be from the Disney movies I grew up with and those wedding magazines at the grocery checkout.

And here are the rest of the festivity photos. Special shout out to Sophie with her gorgeous Rachel Sin dress and Amber from Amber Watkins.