November 8, 2010

Anne Hathaway's MUA Hates Her

Anne Hathaway has always been more on the ghostly pale side. But this time Anne is looking more powdery pale like Lindsay Lohan accidentally sneezed all over Anne's face after her daily ritual of cocaine consumption along with some help of a Sharpie for those brows. But it is fitting that she is attending a movie event called “Love & Other Drugs” looking like a cracked out blow up doll- she's just getting into the "Other Drugs" character.

Okay so I've been guilty of pulling an Anne Hathaway too. When I get drunk my face turns into a giant tomato and sometimes when I'm feeling "artistic", I go to the washroom pretending like I’m some professional MUA and powder myself until I’m the same color as a frozen turkey in the grocery store freezer. Looking like you got rampaged by a few clowns at Circus du Soleil has happened to most of us at least once... And this is the reason I only carry a lip gloss in my purse when I go out drinking.

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