November 16, 2010

ASOS Shoot Their Models In Their Own Homes

ASOS’s latest campaign has done something interesting- shooting models in their own homes. ASOS got interior photographer Todd Selby to help out. Todd runs a website called The Selby, which features apartments with unique interior decorating from around the world.

These pictures are wonderful! But yeees, like this is really what the models’ homes look like before they were offered to do the shoot. Where are the dirty dishes? The bags of “oregano”? And all the empties from nights of having to listen to the neighbors doing it like walruses with allergies?

I was doing laps in my empty living room before MizzJ paid me a visit, then I was running around like a drunk chihuahua getting couches and tables to make it look like a “normal” living room when she arrived. And I put away that 5 feet shine of Jon Bon Jovi that I decorate with fresh roses and kiss goodnight to, like a normal person. So of course if my place ever get photographed I will renovate the hell out of it before hand to look like I’m a Saudi princess or some douchebag from MTV Cribs.