November 3, 2010

Candice Swanepoel for Kardashian's Beach Bunny Swimwear

Here is the beautiful Candice Swanepoel modeling for the Kardashian’sBeach Bunny Swimwear”. I am no designer but doesn’t this look more like lingerie than swimwear? Other than making a porno, who puts on their swimsuit with lace gloves and stockings and then lie on a bed with satin sheets?

Since Kim is too busy with the real important stuff like sleeping around, posing nude and babysitting Bieber, hiring a Victoria’s Secret model for the shoot is probably the smartest move that Kourtney Kardashian made, oppose to getting Kong Khole Kardashian to model them. Cuz the last I checked, the thought of bestiality or dressing up a gorilla in sexy lingerie is still highly frown upon in North America.