November 17, 2010

Christina Aguilera and Cher for Burlesque Premiere

If you noticed more glitter, eye dust and a whiff of scandalousness in the air it’s just the smog residue carried by the wind from Hollywood on Monday night. Horatio Caine from CSI:Miami almost had to be called for some chemical terrorist attack on Christina Aguilera and Cher during the opening night of Burlesque.

Seeing Cher flaunt her ancient boobs in a push up bra isn’t very nice but you have to admit that she looks great for her age. Women like Cher is the reason I keep harassing my sister to go into plastic surgery when she gets in med but noooo, she wants to like save people’s lives instead of giving me free Botox. So selfish! Christina, on the other hand, looks like she ripped off Snooki’s hair and bleached it blonde. It wouldn’t be hard to rob from an oompa loompa. Just yoink it from their head, push them down a hill and watch them roll away like a yummy orange gumball …

Stay tuned for Burlesque review on Pop Champagne this Friday.


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