November 1, 2010

Don't Ask Patricia Arquette about David Arquette

Since David Arquette and Courtney Cox got seperated but not getting a divorce, David's sister Patricia Arquette (who?) is annoyed at people asking her questions about her brother's marriage. At the Onexone Gala in NYC the other night, Patricia threw a PMS grenade at a crowd of paparazzi and responded with:

"How are you doing? How is your kid doing? Have you ever had anything happen in your life? What’s the worst thing that you’ve ever had happen to you? Do you ever masturbate? Have you ever had an abortion? I mean, can you imagine these kind of questions? Can you imagine? Can you imagine? It’s not alright! It’s not alright!"

Okay so I get why she's annoyed. But the questions she asked, aren’t these pretty standard everyday questions? I got no problem answering those about myself with: “I’m ok. Do I know them? I had cereal this morning. Hearing Ms.YeastyBubble’s voice when I work with her which sounds like a whale giving birth. Like 10 times last night because I couldn’t sleep. Not that I know of.”

Patricia should have least ask things like “What is the mean, median and the mode? How does your blackberry establish a PPP connection with the network? What is the capital city of Nova Scotia? Do you really think that you'd be any different if you were instead a test tube baby?”

Now those are actual stunner questions. By the way, why are they asking Patricia all the questions about David (instead of why her show Medium got canned) when he was there posing for the pictures as well?