November 12, 2010

Fashion Spotlight: Q&A with Designer Jana Hanzel

It’s not everyday that you get to have coffee with one of your favorite designers in town. I was excited when heard back from Jana Hanzel who agreed to take some time from her busy schedule for Pop Champagne. Jana’s designs are unique and colorful with hints of her European heritage. As Jana says, “The hints of the European style is not by purpose, that’s just who I am”.

At Ottawa Fashion Week last month, Jana presented her collection which consist perfect cocktail dresses with eye catching headpieces. Her collection made the audience swoon a few times. Here is what she has to say.

I noticed that you have a degree in computer science. What made you decide to go into fashion?
I have always wanted to study art and fashion. But science and fashion is actually quite closely related, and I have no problem switching between the two.

Where do you get the beautiful headpieces?
I design quite a few of them and they are custom made in Italy and imported to here. They are all one-of-a-kind designs. Feel free to contact me if you are interested.

Runway Photos courtesy of Tina Picard

What is the hottest trend right now?
Flower prints were in for the summer along with romantic touch and delicate designs. Layering is everywhere on the streets now. But what is most important is to dress according to your figure, wear what would be flattering and suiting to you. Being trendy comes after that.

If you can dress any celebrity, who would it be?
Meryl Streep. She is classy and she doesn’t let work and fame get in the way of her personal life. She is married with kids and she is careful that you never hear anything scandalous or bad in the tabloids about her.

What is your guilty pleasure?
I love eating dark chocolate and take some time off to read and catch up on sleep. These pretty much describe a good night for me. The latest book I finished is “Girl With The Dragon Tattoo”.

Every time I see you, your always looks so radiant. What is your beauty secret?
Drink lots of water, don’t skip out on sleep or smoke, and have a good attitude. I am a happy person and I believe that how you feel on the inside shows on the outside.

Runway Photos courtesy of Tina Picard

Here are some pictures taken from Jana’s lookbook. For more info on Jana or if you are interested in her pieces, you can contact her through her website here. Jana offers one-on-one session for fashion design, design for individual clients, styling tips and much more.

Lookbook photos courtesy of Jana Hanzel