November 5, 2010

Fashion Spotlight: Q&A with Designer Adrian Wu

Dramatic and feminine is what describe the talented Toronto base fashion designer Adrian Wu. At the age of 18 using his mother’s sewing machine, Adrian taught himself how to sew and made 50 dresses in a short span of 6 months. Since then, Adrian has been offered to participate in various fashion week across cities in Canada as well the fashion correspondent for a segment on Much Music. In September of 2010, Adrian has established a store in Burlington, Ontario with the help of his father.

During the Ottawa Fashion Week, I was given the opportunity to have a quick chat with Adrian Wu where I asked him about his designs:

When did you become interested in being a fashion designer?
I started designing when I was 18. I went to University of Toronto and being buried in books just wasn't for me.

We see a lot of ruffles from your collection, is that the 'it' thing for you right now?
I like ruffles, but I love the drama. It isn't about how thin the model is, it is about getting that perfect silutte on the figure.

Is there anything other than fashion you are currently working on?
I was just published in a book called "Style Diaries: World Fashion from Berlin to Tokyo", and my website is always being constantly updated. I also have my own store in Burlington, Ontario.

For everyday street wear, what would you say is the hottest trend right now?
As of late, I am a huge fan of chunky sweaters as well as bold and chunky accessories.

Left: Interviewing Adrian with my Blackberry Style; Right: Adrian with his models at OFW

Special thanks to Shaun from badpr for setting up the interview as well as thanks to Adrian for his time. If you ever meet Adrian, don't be afraid to approach him as he is one of the friendliest and most down to earth people I’ve spoken with! Here are some looks from Adrian’s online portfolio, you can view the rest of it here

Lookbook Photos courtesay from Adrian Wu’s website