November 26, 2010

Fashion Spotlight: Q&A with Designer Rachel Sin

Too many holiday parties and not enough dresses to wear? Rachel Sin is my answer this year as seen in my picture above. Rachel is a Canadian designer located in Ottawa and Toronto. Her runway dresses are elegant, fitting and completely wearable to any cocktail event.

Rachel’s show at the Ottawa Fashion Week was one of the highlights this year, and Pop Champagne got a chance to catch up with her during the Sample Sale at Hush Clothes. Here is what she has to say along with the lookbook of her newest designs:

What is your vision for your designs?
I design my pieces to be timeless and can last for many seasons. I like to think of women wearing these designs to a modern space event and their idea of a perfect dress.

What do you think is the trend of this winter?
A go-to this winter is the button-down silk blouse paired with skinny trousers for an effortless look. Adding a belt is the finalizing touch that completes the look. I also love fur vest with leggings. I’m a fan of jean leggings and ones that have detailing like leather, a ruched seam or see through mesh at seam.

What trend do you think it’s overrated?
Crocs… I just don’t get why people wear them out like regular shoes. I’m also not very big on perfectly put together outfits by one designer as I think the fun in getting dressed is being creative by mixing and matching unexpected combinations.

What designers' collections do you check out for inspirations?
I love Roland Mouret’s structured yet feminine pieces. I also love Pierre Balmain, a French fashion designer who said that "dressmaking is the architecture of movement." Balmain studied architecture but was drawn to fashion before he finished. A surprising number of fashion designers have studied architecture.

What do you like to do in your spare time?
I love to salsa dance. I used to be in a dance troop before I started designing dresses. I don’t watch TV, but a guilty pleasure of mine is celebrity gossip magazines, where I can relax with mindless reading and keep up to date with the latest trends.

How do you pick your models?
I choose models based on their overall look, proportion and personality. I have yet to alter a dress to fit a model. My dresses are so fitted that when I choose a model, I already have an idea of which dress she will be wearing down the runway. It is rare that a model will look good in everything, but you will always find 1-2 pieces where the model and the dress are a perfect fit.

Lookbook photos courtesy of Rachel Sin. Taken by Sebastien Roy.

For more pictures visit LoveK. Here are some pictures from Rachel’s sample sale at Hush Clothes located on 1440 Wellington St, Ottawa from a little while ago. Shout out goes to Allison who put on a great event and Rachel’s delicious homemade macaroons.

If you are interested in Rachel's designs, visit as well visit Hush Clothes in Ottawa or UKAMAKU in Toronto.