November 10, 2010

Hair Pampering

I'm a believer that hair is one of the most important features. Rihanna has a great face and body but her flaming red hair is kind of a turnoff when she's off stage. Well, at least she turn me off enough to not make me wonder if the carpet match the drapes. But obviously the pokemon hair works as she's probably having grapes fed to her while I'm sitting here eating my leftover shawarma that I know will make my stomach feel funky later. Meh, it still taste good. I'll let the afternoon Julie worry about it.

My hair is pretty damaged from the years of straightening and dying. Over the past few months I've discovered the hair mask. The hair mask gives your hair a deep conditioning (even deeper than regular conditioners) and my hair feels so soft even the morning after. So far I've tried a range of hair masks between the price of $5 such as the Pantene Pro-V Time Renewal Replenishing Mask and the Garnier Deep Repair Mask to the price of $33 such as the THANN Hair Mask. All three worked well and minus the "expensive smell", the $5 worked just as well as the $33 hair mask in my opinion. So if you got dry and damaged hair do give it a try.

If you straighten your hair and want to know what a good straightener is, go to Hair Straighteners Reviews as it contain reviews of the popular straighteners and you can see that the Karmin Titanium got the top hair straightener. Stay tuned for a giveaway next week where Hair Products Pro will be offering a Karmin hair straightener to a lucky reader on Pop Champagne.