November 9, 2010

Miley Cyrus for the MTV EMAs

Here are some pictures of Miley Cyrus and her camel toe giving us a lesson on the female anatomy while me-meowing her latest song at the MTV EMAs. The outfit is not bad, but does anyone else think that those shoes don't really match?

So I didn’t bother looking up what song Miley sang as I had enough watching “Hannah Montana: The Movie” over the weekend. It was kind of awful but it was on TV and it was free! Some of the best things in life are free, like free parking downtown after 5pm, free extra McNugget when they mess up, or “love”, love don’t cost a thing! Okay so “dating”, which leads to “love”, is costly, but it’s the guy who pays for most of that anyways.

Don’t worry, Miley's birthday is coming up in a week or two. By the time the cops find out that I’m commenting on an underage’s camel toe and knock on my door to take me to custody she will be 18. Hold on, is that a knock I’m hearing? I’ll be right back…

Pictures from Wireimage and Splash