November 19, 2010

Movie Review: Burlesque

We are all familiar with this story: an underdog lives her dream, plus a crap load of sequins and eyeliners along the way. But unlike the cheese overload "Moulin Rogue" that leaves you muttering "wtf" at the dialog every few minutes; Burlesque is a lot more respectable and successfully delivers the fun musical factor. And really, you don't go see this type of movie for the plot. You go to see the chorography, the costumes, and enjoy the music while drool over a few pairs of holy grail with red soles that I can only afford if I sell my first born child.

Unlike some other divas with their movies, Christina Aguilera looked amazing and played the sweet bushy tailed main character Ali very well. Kristen Bell successfully portrayed the jealous “never was” in the movie and she repeatedly let you know that she’s pissed about it while the wonderfulness of Botox leaves Cher as a pretty faceless actress. You really can't tell whether Cher is angry or sad in the movie other than her raising and lowering her voice. But then again I can't think of a more suited person for her part.

Though one wonders how any girl can be satisfied with her life just working as a burlesque dancer in a dive, overall I was left entertained by the musical performances and Christina’s big voice (and normally I hate musicals unless it's live) while Anthony had fun checking out all the eye candies.

I give this movie 4/5 Louboutins.

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