November 24, 2010

Movie Review: Tangled

Which Disney Princess would you like to be? Mandy Moore doesn't have to think twice as she is princess Rapunzel in “Tangled”, the newest Disney princess film. As for me? I'd love to be sleeping beauty. You sleep all day and still attract a prince, unlike others who have to cook and clean for 7 midgets or share their living space with a furry beast.

"Tangled" is based on Rapunzel, a long blonde hair fairytale princess locked away in a tower. Mandy Moore is convincing in casting the voice of the innocent and sweet Rapunzel as she is squeaky clean from tabloids in real life (would you buy it if they cast Britney Spears for the part?). "Tangled" consist everything of a typical Disney movie: the good guys looked pretty while the evil guys looked mean and ugly, plus a few dance numbers along with funny animal sidekicks.

Though the film is really adorable from beginning to end, I did find it dragged on with too many musical numbers. Not that it’s bad to have a lot of tunes, but unlike songs in “The Lion King” or “Aladdin”, the ones in “Tangled” were all mediocre and forgettable. It made the movie seem long and boring at some parts.

If you have little girls that love all things princess then this is one to take them to see. I did find this movie charming but it isn’t quite as memorable compare to some other Disney princess movies. I would suggest to wait for the DVD release or go on cheap tuesday.

I give it 3.5/5 tiaras.

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