November 22, 2010

So The American Music Awards Happened Last Night...

You know it’s an uneventful morning when I’m blogging about how fantastic Miley Cyrus looked on the red carpet last night at the American Music Awards (AMAs). Miley Cyrus! Sorry ladies. While others such as Fuggie and Ke$ha looked like squawking cockatoos you want to throw a blanket over, Miley’s dress was fabulous and she looked great.

Though I have a suspicion that Miley looking extra good might be due to her posing beside Kelly Osbourne who, in this case, is obviously "the grenade" in the relationship. That’s just not a fair fight though for some girls it is just easier for them to just hang around less attractive girls to make them look hotter than putting the effort to go to the gym and take time to look good. Different strokes for different folks I guess... But FYI, if you ever want to use me as "the grenade", at least let me know so I can put that as "volunteered for charity" on my letter to Santa.

Here are other good and not-so-good dresses and ladies at the AMA: Fuggie, Katy Perry, Ke$ha, Mandy Moore, Woody Woodpecker with boobs, T Swizzle, and Whitney "the-city-got-canned-and-she-doesn't-sing-so-what-is-she-doing-on-red-carpet-but-her-dress-is-so-pretty" Port.

Pictures courtesy from Getty Images