December 6, 2010

Angelina Jolie Graces NYC With Her Presence

Angelina Cruella-DeVille Jolie has a movie with Johnny Depp called “The Tourist” coming out this Friday so conveniently she has been spotted everywhere. Too bad that even with kids Angelia Jolie still can’t cover up that she’s a devil worshipper and Vanessa Paradis wants her to stay away from Johnny Depp. Because how else can a woman make one of the sexiest and coolest Hollywood guy look like a homeless musician within just a few years of them being together?

And it’s funny that in most candid photos Angelina usually just have 2-3 kids out of her 6 children. How does she choose which kid to take? Do they have a draw to see who can be spotted with mommy that day or is it base on what ethnic dinner they will have that night? I mean, who eats pasta while holding a Cambodian baby? To Angelina that's as tacky as showing up at a Chanel fashion show with a Kate Spade purse. Ew.

Photos from Splash